Film and Video Production

We make film – YOUR film! We are doing this, because we are convinced, that none of the other media are able to allude and to gain so many channels at the same time. It’s possible to accost us with precise perception about your plan as well as to receive the all-round carefree package. In contrast we could advise you from the type of film production to conception and the content of your film, in order to get realized your wishes. Our individual consulting is omnipresent to the point of implementation. However it doesn’t matter which kind of massage is been sent via motion picture: We are the designers of your story concept and it will get realized by ourselves! Every individual production step is subjected to the condition that you and your whole company are proud of the outcome our production and be happy to show the sequence.
Our destination is your happiness!

An image is more significant than words – moving images offers the opportunity to use twenty fife images per second! We’re looking forward to implement single film production up to multimedia-based marketing strategy for your company, in order to make a go of the projects.

Not only is the high quality subjected to our demand, but also an extraordinary rate of service. For MS NewMedia these kind of soft skills are self-evident. That’s why we are working with our steady production team to get realized your projects. From the first idea of the project to the creation of the Blu-Ray – we are at your company’s disposal, to take care for your film – so that
you will be proud and happy to show the result. See it for yourself!
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Es gibt Filme und es gibt Filme, deren Botschaft bleibt. Ein Film ist das Ergebnis eines guten Projekts. Und nur so gut wie das Projekt in seiner gesamten Planung, Umsetzung und Kreativität ist, nur so gut kann am Ende der Film werden.

Die einen nennen es Service. Wir erklären es als unser Ziel, dass Sie als Kunde jede Phase im Projekt verstehen und beeinflussen können. So wird unser Film Ihr Film und umgekehrt.

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